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Our journey of 40 Years.

The Hospitalization cost at Mahavir Hospital is almost 50% to 60% less than other private Hospitals and corporate ones.

Free T.B.Treatment is being provided in our T.B Centre for the last 30 years.

Mr.Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America visited Mahavir Hospital in the year 2000 and commended for the excellent work carried out by a team of dedicated Doctors and Technicians under the DOTS Programme.

Our PPM DOTS and Research Centre excelled in their activities worldwide & the model followed is known as the “MAHAVIR MODEL”, now adopted by many countries. This is indeed a unique recognition.

Mahavir Hospital was the first Trust Hospital in Hyderabad to be empanelled in April 2007 under the Aarogyashri Health Insurance Scheme.

Mahavir Hospital provides world-class health care and diagnostic facilities striving to give the best support in a personalized way, at affordable costs with the reach of the middle class, poor and needy irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Kidney Department needs a special mention here. Mahavir Hospital is the first Hospital in the state of Telangana in the private sector to provide Haemodialysis and perform Kidney Transplant Surgeries, over 1500 Kidney Transplant Surgeries have been done in Mahavir Hospital.

We have 60 Dialysis Machines one of the largest Dialysis Centre in the Country. Over 4000 Dialysis are carried out every month. We do Dialysis at Rs.200/- where as Corporate Hospital charges Rs.2000/- and more.

Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre was continuously introducing new and improved tests, technology and services earned a reputation as one of the leading centers in patient card and clinical laboratory service. Diagnostic testing is essential to the basic management of patient care, allowing physicians to detect disease earlier, make diagnoses and prescribe therapies.

The Allergy Clinic in Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre is only clinic where Skin Prick Test is conducted, a full proof method to treat allergic manifestations.

CCU is renovated and equipped with latest and ultra modern equipment to treat Critical Care Patients

New Emergency Department is constructed with Minor OT facility offering 24×7 services for the benefit of Patients.

New Physiotherapy of International Standards was constructed in association with Dr.Ajith Jain Director of Rehabilitation at Genesis Rehab Services USA.

New Research Centre was constructed and projects from USA and ICMR are given for trials under Immunology, Genetics departments.

In Mahavir Hospital three Pharmacies cater to patients round the clock.

The New OPD is being provided with a view to offer better facilities.

Department of Medicine, Department of Neurology and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are run by renowned specialists.

We are now equipped with New Ultra Modern Operation Theatres with latest equipment to meet the requirement of all types of surgeries including Laparoscopic Surgery.

The Trust efforts to extend world-class healthcare services and engage in numerous philanthropic activities, have earned appreciation and accolades both nationally and internationally. Besides, the Trust has also initiated several Training, Community and Rehabilitation programs to support its endeavors and further spread the message of healthcare.


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