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Departments and Clinics:

Mahavir Hospital & Research Center, Hyderabad

Department of Genetics:

Staff:Dr. Kaiser Jamil, (Head), Prof. P. P. Reddy, Ms. Madhavi, (Research Scholar)
Areas of Research Interest: Biochemical, Pharmacogenemic and Molecular Studies in Breast Cancer, Hearing Handicap, HIV, Neurodegenerative and Cardiovascular Diseases Infertility, Diabetes. Monitoring of Industrial and Agriculture Workers, Traffic Police and Population living nearby Industries.

Department of Immunology:

Staff:Dr. G. Sumanlatha, Research Associate, Department Incharge, Ms. Meenakshi, (Research Scholar)
Areas of Research Interest: Immunological and Molecular Studies in Tuberculosis, Asthma and Allergy.

Mahavir Hospital & Research Center, Hyderabad

T.B. Clinic:

Mahavir Hospital & Research Center, Hyderabad

Staff: Dr. P. Raju, Incharge Medical Officer, Mr. Wajid Ali Khan, Treatment Supervisor 6 Lab Technicians, 4 Home visitors and one Sister.
Activity: Conducting out Patient Clinic and admitting patients with Tuberculosis under the public private Mix DOTS programme for control of Tuberculosis.
Today each of these divisions is involved in cutting edge research, teaching and service.
The Departments of Genetics and Immunology of the Research Centre are actively engaged in research training and service activities, while the T.B. clinic is involved in patient care.

Research Projects:


Three research projects funded by Department of Biotechnology and Science and Technology to Department of Immunology were successfully completed.  Research project on, “Identify immunologic markers of persons at highest risk of progression of latent tuberculosis infection to tuberculosis” sanctioned to Dr. G. Sumanlatha of  the department of Immunology by DBT and  another research project on Virtual Centre of excellence on Multi-Disciplinary approaches aimed at inter-Ventions against        Mycobacterium TB sanctioned to Late Dr. KJR Murthy by DBT are in progress.   One International Collaborative Project submitted by the University of Texas in Collaboration with Blue Peters and, Department of Immunology, BMMRC was approved for funding.


A Research project on “Genotoxicity Studies in women Occupationally Exposed to Pesticides in Nalgonda and Guntur Districts of Andhra Pradesh submitted by Dr. Hemaprasad as Principal Investigator, Drs. A.Jyothy, V. Sreedevi and T. Suneetha as co-investigators and Prof. P. P. Reddy of BMMRC as co-investigator was approved by the  department DBT for funding (No.BT/PR7732/MED/12/596/2013)  and the project is in operation (2013 - 2016).


Research  Scholars:

Twenty two students are working for Ph.D at the research centre.  Seven students are working for Ph.D under Prof. P. P. Reddy, eight students under Dr. G. Sumanlatha, three students under Dr. Vijayalakshmi, four students under Dr. Kaiser Jamil.  One student Ms. Shehnaz Sultana under Prof. P. P. Reddy and one student, Mr. Mustaq under Dr. Kaiser Jamil submitted their theses for the award of Ph.D degree.


Project Students:


P.G. and U.G. students are permitted to carry out their short term research projects at the research centre. During this year 12 students have successfully completed their research projects under the guidance of Dr. Kaiser Jamil in Genetics and Four students under the guidance of Dr. G. Sumanlatha in Immunology.  More students are expected to join to carry out their short term projects after the reopening of colleges.


Collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Cardiology:


It is proposed to carry out collaborative research projects with Dr. Srikrishna Pediatrician of the Department of Pediatrics and Drs. Sivakumar and Siddharth of Department of Cardiology two projects are under preparation.


 Research Projects:


During this year two projects from the Department of Immunology and five projects from the Department of Genetics will be submitted to Government of India for financial assistance.

Research Papers:


25 research papers were published in National and International journals of repute during the period 2010-2013.  Out of these 11 papers were published from the Department of immunology and 14 papers from the Department of Genetics.  Six papers are under preparations.


Seminars / Conferences conducted at the Centre since 2010

1. Seminar on Impact of Changing Life styles on Human Health on 6th November, 2010, in the  

        auditorium of  Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, Hyderabad.

2. Refresher Course on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) from 22nd –24th December,2011,

    at the auditorium of  Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, Hyderabad


3. Dr. K.J.R. Murthy Memorial International Seminar on Scientific and Clinical aspects of    

        Tuberculosis on 15th Feb,2012, at FAPCI  Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre.

4. National Seminar on Emerging Trends, Challenges and Innovative Approaches in Clinical Research in India on 27th-28th April,2013 at Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre


National Seminar on Clinical Research:


Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre organized the National seminar on “National Seminar on Emerging Trends, Challenges and innovative Approaches in Clinical Research in India” on 27th and 28th april,2013 in the Conference Hall of Mahavir Hospital Research Centre.  The seminar was very well attended and about 258 delegates from different parts of the country attended the seminar.  The seminar was organized with the financial support of DST, ICMR, Pharma Companies, Institutes of Clinical research etc.



Clinical Trial Projects:


4 Clinical Trial Projects and amendments are pending for approval of the Institutional Ethics Committee.  All the necessary arrangements are made to hold the meeting at the earliest possible. The Secretary of BMMT suggested to me to contact the pharmaceutical companies directly for the clinical trial projects.  A letter is being drafted to address the pharmaceutical companies.


Monitoring of Clinical Trial Projects:


In order to effectively carry out clinical trials, a committee to monitor the clinical trial projects is constituted with Shri Surendra Luniyaji as the Chairman of the Committee.  Next month onwards the committee will review the functioning of the clinical trial projects of Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre.


Service Activities:


Facilities for cytogenetic and molecular investigations are available in the department of Genetics.  Efforts are being made to get more cases for cytogenetic analysis.  Our consultants are requested to refer cases to the department of Genetics for cytogenetics and molecular tests .  

T.B. Clinic:


T.B. Centre covers a population of 5 lakhs for diagnosis and treatment.  The areas covered are Chintalbasti, Vijayanagar colony, Mehdipatnam, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Tolichowki, Karwan, Dhoolpet, etc.  Under Mahavir Tuberculosis unit, 52 DOT centers under Five designated Microscopy Centers (DMC) such as DMC Mahavir, DMC Dhoolpet, DMC Banjara Hills, DMC Syednagar, DMC Karwan are working.   Recently (1-04-2013) we have opened a new DMC centre at Apollo Medical College.  During this calendar year 463 new cases are registered up to 31st May, 13.  At present, 19 multi drug resistance cases are under treatment at our unit / clinic.









Prof. P. P. Reddy

M.Sc, Ph.D

Research Director


Dr. Kaiser Jamil

M.Sc, Ph.D

Head, Dept. Of Genetics


Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi Valluri

Ph.D Immunogenetics

Head – IMBD


Dr. Sindhu Joshi

Consultant General Physician, MHRC

Principal Investigator

Clinical Trial Project


Dr. Mohd Soheb S. Ansari

Pulmonologist, MHRC

Principal Investigator

Clinical Trial Project


Dr. G. Sumanlatha

M.Sc, Ph.D

Principal Investigator

Department of Genetics


Mr. Ch. Prashanth

M.Sc (Ph.D in Genetics)

Research Associate-II


Ms. Vanitha. Baluka

M.Sc (Ph.D in Genetics)

Junior Research Fellow


Dr. Kavita Kakarala,

DST- Scientist (WOS-A)

Department of Immunology



PhD Immunogenetics

Lab Coordinator


Dr. NV Sanjeev Kumar

PhD Bio Chemistry

Research Assistant III


Dr. Praveen Keshav

PhD Microbiology

Sr. Research Fellow


DK Prudhula

M.Tech Biotechnology

Pursuing PhD Biotechnology

Research Coordinator


Dr. S. Aparna

PhD Biotechnology

Research Assistant I


B.Anvesh Kumar

M.Tech Biotechnology

Research Assistant


M. Varalakshmi

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Research Assistant


R. Umarani


Data Entry Operator


R. Anitha


Data Entry Operator


R. Srikanth


Project Technical Officer


T. Mahesh Kumar


Field Coordinator


D. Ramanjneyulu

Intermediate MLT

Lab Technician


M. Madhu


Project Field Technician



Intermediate, DMLT

Project Field Technician


MD. Saddam Hussain

M.Sc. Microbiology

Technical Assistant


Dr. D.S. Namrata

MBBS, Masters in Emergency medicine

Jr. Medical officer


P. Ajay Kumar


Sr. Project Research Fellow


S. Dileep Kumar

M.Sc.Clinical research & Experimental medicine

Sr. Project Research Fellow


ND Rani

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology

Project Technical Officer


Sufiya R Galmani

B.Sc.; Diploma in Nursing

Jr. Nurse



B.Sc. Nursing

Jr. Nurse




Project Field Technician


Phalguna Chimalgi

B.Com Computers

Project Field Technician


S. Rajendhar Reddy

Intermediate MLT

 Lab Technician


Shravan Kumar

Intermediate MLT

Lab Technician


Ch. Rajanikar

Intermediate MLT

Para Medical Assistant


Md Ahmed

7th Class

Lab Attendant


Dr. L. Rupa

PhD Biotechnology

Post Doctoral Fellow


Mrs. G.V. Padmaja

M.Sc (Ph.D)

Research Scholar


Mrs.Shazia Ahmad

M.Sc (Ph.D)

Research Scholar


Ms. Jyothi Priya

M.Sc (Ph.D)

Research Scholar



M.Sc (Ph.D)

Research Scholar

About Prof PP Reddy

Mahavir Hospital & Research Center, Hyderabad

Prof. P.P. Reddy

Designation: Research Director,Bhagwan Mahavir Medical

Research Centre & Dean, Faculty of Science and

Technology, Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of

Research & Social Action, Hyderabad

Area of Specialization: Environmental Mutagenesis, Genetic Disorders,

Biodiversity, Diagnosis and Management of Mental

Retardation; Molecular and Biochemical studies in

human diseases

Total Teaching Experience: 45 Years

Total Research Experience: 46.5 Years


M.Sc - Kerala University - 1965 - Gen. Biology, Marine Biology, Cytology, Chemistry

Ph.D - Osmania University - 1974 - Genetic Effects of Strontium-90 in Mice

Memberships of Professional Bodies & Societies

  1. Fellow, Genetic Association of India
  2. Member, Environmental Mutagen Society of India
  3. Member, Society for Nuclear Techniques in Agriculture, Biology and Animal Sciences
  4. Member, Association for Cell and Chromosome Research.
  5. Member, Current Science Association
  6. Member, Indian Society of Human Genetics
  7. Member, Indian Cancer Research Association
  8. President, National Down’s syndrome Association.
  9. President, Special Education for the Mentally Handicapped.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Fellow, W.H.O Naylor Dana Institute for Disease Prevention, Valhalla N.Y., U.S.A 1983.
  2. Nominee of WHO is WHO (2000 Edition) American Biographical Institute, N.C, U.S.A
  3. Member, Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute, Inc. (1999 – to date)
  4. Awarded travel grant by U.G.C to attend 9th Asian conference on Mental Retardation in Bangkok, Thailand in November, 1989.
  5. Awarded travel grant by DST to attend 4th International symposium on multiple risk factors in cardiovascular diseases from 23rd to 25th April, 1997 at Washington DC., USA.
  6. Invited by EMSI, ISHG, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore Universities to deliver invited talks and to chair scientific sessions at various National and International conferences (more than 50 times).
  7. Received awards for creating an awareness of Rotary and its ideals in the community for dedicated services and dynamic effort in 1997 (outstanding service as Chairman Rehabilitation and Training of the Mentally Handicapped and Rotary Foundation District Service Award)
  8. Received five awards as President of the Rotary Club Jubilee Hills on behalf of the club for its outstanding performance in year 1997.
  9. Nominated as Regional Chairperson for Career Guidance for the Rotary District 3150 in the year 1999.
  10. Invited to become the member of New York Academy of Sciences in 2002.
  11. Appointed as member of State level advisory committee for Prenatal Diagnosis (use & misuse) Act in 1997.
  12. V.I.P's of Andhra Pradesh - 1995 (Ed. PVC. Srinadh) First ever documentation of the commendable achievements of the Telugus.

List of students awarded Ph.D Degree.

  1. Dr. Mahndran in 2014
  2. Dr. G.T. Vani
  3. Dr. Renuka Raju
  4. Dr. Shehnaz Sulthana
  5. Dr. Hima Bindu
  6. Mrs. Indira Priyadarshini submitted in 2018
  7. Dr. S. Aparna
  8. Dr. NV Sanjeev Kumar in 2018
  9. Dr. Praveen Keshav in 2018
  10. Dr..Lavanya Joshi in 2014
  11. Dr. Wali Unniasa in 2015
  12. Dr. Ramya S.T in 2016
  13. Dr. P. Meenakshi in 2016
  14. Dr. Tanya Debnath in 2016
  15. Dr. A.Madhavi Lathain 2016
  16. Mrs. Indira Priyadarshini, submitted thesis in December,’18


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